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Social ADS - Advertising on social networks

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Semseo optimizes your targeted social ads communication campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn: the fastest growing social network in France.


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Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn - How to make social ADS?

How to generate sales ?

Our Facebook Marketing Services team has worked on the platform since its inception, spending over $ 1 million on clicks. We know how it works, how to keep your audience interested, and how to generate sales for your business.

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Relevant Content
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For several years now, digital has taken a considerable place in everyone's daily life. Even in the corporate world, regardless of industry, digital has reached the heart of all areas of the organization. This technological development has also brought a significant change in consumer habits.

Now, they spend most of their time on social networks, especially to get opinions on a product. So for modern companies, these represent the new eldorado in advertising since they allow to reach a very large audience.

Either way, although social media surprisingly dominates the advertising market, "reach "Organic is no longer relevant. The trend is now giving way to a more effective strategy for quickly gaining visibility and driving traffic to a site. This is to promote PPC or Pay Per Click through the hottest social networks. So, if you want to boost the reach of your posts and increase your notoriety, our Semseo agency supports you and helps you set up a targeted social ads communication campaign whether on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

While SEO is effective in driving traffic to your site, to pay off, it takes time. This is why, in order to increase your engagement, your notoriety and your brand image, the integration of Social Ads is essential. It is the influencer tool you need to better present your business to the market. This new approach allows you to identify beforehand your targets, their expectations and thus create content in line with your objectives.

Fully introducing a social marketing maneuver also allows you to get ahead of your opponents. At the same time, you increase your chances of converting your prospects, retaining your customers and having excellent profitability. At Semseo, we help shape your social marketing strategy. We help you better analyze how your competition is acting. We still support you in the targeting process and the creation of ads to boost its impact. Finally, we take care of activating your campaigns.

It is important to note that there is no one social network that is more profitable than another. Everything will depend on the audience you are targeting and the product you are selling. As a business, you need to determine which platform is the most popular with your potential customers.

Facebook Ads

Currently, when it comes to social media, Facebook is among the most popular with nearly 2 billion users worldwide. Facebook Ads offers a wide variety of campaigns. Its goal is to meet the different needs and objectives of advertisers. In addition, there are many different advertising formats. At Semseo, our Facebook Marketing Services team is fully conversant with all of these tools and optimizes your ads to increase your conversions.

Instagram Ads

Next to Facebook, the Instagram platform is particularly popular with young people. If your products or services are aimed at users between the ages of 18 and 25, Instagram will be your best ally. But the competition is tough ! You will therefore need to focus on the design of your ads and make them more appealing to capture the interest of visitors. To this end, our agency offers you full management of your Insta campaigns in order to benefit from a strong presence on this network.

LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn is the leading platform in the professional market. For a B2B (Business to Business) approach, it is essential. So, if you want to quickly improve your image with an audience specifically anchored in the professional world, Semseo once again offers you tailor-made support.

Twitter Ads

Apart from these three networks, Twitter also offers interesting options for growing your Social Ads. However, it should be noted that Twitter is more oriented towards B2B than towards B2C. In addition, the growth in the number of users is slow.

Your Social AdscampaignIn good hands with our Social Media agency

Today, thanks to digitalization, all you need to do is put in place an inbound marketing strategy to generate leads and optimize a company’s visibility. While this approach is effective, integrating Social Ads is also a must to get immediate results. Depending on your goals, campaigns such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or through other social networks are undeniable tools to better analyze the expectations of your prospects. Do you want to boost your presence on the networks? Our Semseo agency supports you in the realization of your project.

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