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Understanding natural referencing:

What is SEO?

SEO is not just about having an optimized text , well-chosen keywords, but it is part of a set of actions and strategies to make your site popular on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Our strategy experts will work with you to build a web infrastructure that Google will understand and rank first.


Planning an SEO plan

First, we do a semantic audit of the keywords that have the best marketing opportunity for qualified traffic and rankings. We are aware that you know the most frequent keywords requested by your customers and thanks to our tools, we rank them in order of relevance to create an SEO strategy that will aim to achieve your objectives through the optimization of your site (loading speed – optimization of tags etc), the optimization of your semantic cocoon and the implementation of a netlinking strategy.

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Site optimization

This is the first step in the seo referencing of your site, we will analyze the SEO impact of your site, understand the strategy adopted, detect everything that prevents Google from indexing it and therefore giving it the same place as your competitors. and help you get ahead thanks to a strategic plan that involves the implementation of quality content and effective netlinking campaigns.



Our customers are our primary partners. The work we do for you is above all our showcase for our future clients. We build strong inbound links from authoritative website.

Our experience speaks for itself

Why choose SemSeo for your SEO?

Sites audited last week
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SEO Agency - Start your SEO with SemSeo

Why choose our SEO agency?

SEO audit of your site

A detailed SEO analysis taking into account your liabilities and your competitors to achieve your positioning objectives.

Market analysis

A first comparison of the positioning of your competitors on the web

Optimized Keywords

We analyze the keywords that generate the most interest in your project

A dedicated contact

A single contact for better knowledge and efficient SEO support for your site

Site optimization

We fix all the bugs that prevent Google from seeing you

Visibility growth

We combine all our know-how to increase your visibility

Organic Traffic, known by the abbreviation SEO for Search Engine Optimization, constitutes the set of techniques and methods aimed at optimizing the visibility of a website. These are the techniques used to make your site stand out among the first results of search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo. Indeed, the browser used first shows the links that its algorithm considers to be the most relevant on the criteria entered and according to its rules. The goal of SEO is then to maximize the number of people or entities who will visit and know a website from an online search. This takes into account the content of your site, but also its structure, its loading speed, its ease of navigation. We will also talk about internal networking because what the robot that will index your site wants above all is to know if the visitor will be satisfied with what he will find there. Without forgetting of course your notoriety (customer reviews / Video and other netlinking strategy)

Without a doubt, Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Anyone with an internet connection, who wants to find something online, has looked at Google. Whatever the needs of a person, individual or professional, they will always use a search engine on the web to find satisfaction. Therefore, all companies that want to gain brand awareness or increase their qualified contacts to see their sales necessarily need to be visible to their target audience. And this by targeting the most coveted locations to be as close as possible to customer requests.
This task turns out to be complicated without the help of a natural referencing agency and the SEO experts who compose it.
It is not enough to create a site to be seen and be able to generate sales: it is essential to adopt specific techniques that appeal to Google so that your prospects discover your website and that they achieve the desired objective. .
It makes sense to click on what you see first. Why look for other sites elsewhere when we have already found what we need in the first result? Regardless of the number of competitors, what is crucial is to be seen first: hence the interest of SEO.

E-commerce has become a staple of everyday life, but not only: even so-called showcase sites find their interest by becoming a tool generating qualified contacts.
Selling and buying on the internet is now necessary to save not only time, but also money. The Google My Business SEO service allows local businesses to create a profile in order to offer their services and showcase their products. Each company must then use the net wisely to attract the maximum number of customers and prospects, and thus increase its notoriety. Optimizing your positioning requires calling on SEO experts in order to allow you to interact with your targets via many digital channels. Anyone who needs your services and products will find you easily and can order or buy from you. You will be able to benefit from all these advantages if you benefit from the services of a natural referencing agency.

You have the know-how, we are going to make it known, this is our slogan. If you choose to use our services, we will do everything for you to ensure that your site is visited as much as possible by your prospects. We know and master the tools essential for a good optimization of web content. We start by carrying out an inventory of your site to act in an efficient and targeted manner. Faced with advertisements and the emergence of social networks, you may think that it is pointless to create a website.
However, by calling on our experienced SEO experts, you will know how to place yourself in relation to your competitors, and also what is working and not working on your site because the analysis of the customer experience is just as important.
The announcements have a fixed duration. Social networks need to be regularly animated and fed. They can nevertheless be tools that benefit your positioning. Your targets will be able to see you and you will continue to attract prospects. In addition, thanks to the results geolocation system, a customer can search for products and services that are close to his home. This is called local SEO, which is an important alternative to optimize its visibility.

You got it: being different is no longer enough to stand out from your competitors. It is essential to adopt effective techniques and maneuvers to seduce, not only your customers, your prospects, but also the algorithm of Google. Convincing seeing sell online has become essential. But no one buys what he does not see. Deciding to get started with our SEO agency will pay off very quickly since you will appear in the first results of search engines, be visible and gain traffic. Thus you considerably increase your chances of converting your prospects. Rather than procrastinating, let's make an appointment

The cost of a service depends on the work to be done but above all on the objectives to be achieved depending on your field of activity, the competition present but also and above all on the difficulty of positioning the desired keywords.
We start all our services with a detailed audit that will allow you not only to understand precisely the challenges of an effective SEO campaign, but above all to receive a detailed plan taking into account your SEO strategy and customer objectives. From there we will define 3 work steps:
1- On-site SEO optimizations
2- The semantic cocoon strategy to offer optimized content for both search engines and your customers
3- An effective Netlinking strategy. Each partner has its own prices and the more quality a link, the more it costs.

At the start of our work, we set up tools allowing you to follow our interventions as we go. A table summarizing the keywords whose position is to be optimized as well as the current positions will offer you complete transparency. In addition, we send you an audit report with all the tasks to be carried out according to the intervention schedule. Thus your objectives are gradually achieved, your positions climbed on the results of the search engine and thus you gain visibility.

Be visible with our SEO Agency:

We can sometimes think that the attractiveness of a website depends on its beauty, its design or even its modernity. However, without a SEO agency, no one will see your site no matter how much effort and money you spend to keep it flawless. Indeed, search engines do not put forward the design of a site and Internet users click on what appears first. Web strategies are therefore essential to ensure the visibility of your site.