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Budget properly consumed, conversions increased. Predictive and reactive optimization of your campaign by our Google Ads experts in our SEA agency.

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Semseo is a Partner Premium Google Ads Agency We hold the highest Google certification which attests to the quality of our expertise in the management of our Google advertising campaigns.

  • Definition of your business needs
  • Google Ads Campaigns Creation
  • Copywriting and conception of your Ads
  • Optimization of redirect pages
  • Monthly monitoring of consumed budgets
  • Profit-oriented optimization
  • Reactive optimization of your Ads campaigns
  • Sending monthly reports
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You often hear this type of argument. Our experience has shown us that this is the result of a lack of technical knowledge and a bad habit of seeing paid search as a classic auction system.

A well-structured Google Ads campaign, the sole objective of which is profitability and whose digital strategyevolves over time, provides a guarantee of success inincreasingits online performance.

Until the year 2000, sponsored links were not very present. As a result, natural links were necessarily more clicked. This misconception has spread. The moreyour Google Adsads highlight clear and attractive information, the more they respond to the request of an Internet user (and therefore a potential customer).

What is obvious is that Internet users click primarily on the first results. Whether we are talking about natural referencing (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) orpaid search, one thing is certain: the higher the site ranks in search results, the higher the quality of traffic. The main thing remains that the ad responds directly to the request of the Internet user ! You can also start optimizing your social ads traffic.

Everything can be learned ! You can maintain your car, fix your shoes ... By itself, we don't need anyone in Harley Davidson ...

But while you spend time optimizing paid SEO, testing, making mistakes, correcting (to finally succeed), it's as many potentially lost leads that we would have saved you, thus leaving you all the time to pamper your customers.

Google has revolutionizedonline advertising. Not only by allowing precise targeting, but in addition by offering the possibility of working your visibility from 1 € with your Google Ads Agency Paris Suffice to say that there can be no valid reason, if not the lack of motivation, not to meet the customers who seek you on a daily basis.

YourAds campaignsin good hands with our Advertising agency

“Always do better” is the motto of our SEA SEMSEO agency. Always reliable thanks to its Google expertise, she strives to develop ever more efficient solutions to increase the profitability of your business. We work with the desire to achieve your goals, targeting ultra-targeted paid SEO and optimized sponsored links. Google Ads advertising is more than a job: it’s a passion!

Why choose a Google ADS patner agency?

Do you want to promote your activities online? For this you need the help of Google. Google Ads campaigns (formerly called Adwords) are part of the network marketing strategy offered by certified agencies. Paid advertising service, Google Ads is designed for companies wishing to position themselves in the first results of Google search pages, in other words the SERP.Search Engine Results Page). A quick overview of what you need to know about SEA Google Ads certified agencies.

Google Ads allows businesses, services or even products to reach the first results of the first page of the SERP, in order to increase their visibility. This online advertising service offers e-commerce professionals, companies, bloggers, etc., the opportunity to significantly optimize their profitability.

Currently, many web marketing agencies, in addition to offering you their audit, SEO, etc. services, are specialized and Google Ads certified. She offers and supports you in the implementation of your advertising campaigns on the web while taking into account your commercial strategy.

Benefit from a better positioning

Opting for a Google Ads advertising campaign guarantees you a pride of place above organic results on the Google home page! Positioning yourself on the most widely used search engine in the world is a major challenge. In the very short term, you offer your business excellent visibility and considerably increase your profitability opportunities. Therefore, choosing Google Ads is the ideal solution!

Attract better targeted prospects

Google Ads is a particularly targeted tool. Indeed, it allows you to carry out targeted campaigns by doing in-depth keyword research for example. It is also possible and essential to do geographic targeting. Thus, you attract more qualitative prospects and more likely to increase your conversion rate.

Controlled cost and rapid return on investment

With Google Ads, no unpleasant cost surprises! Indeed, you can determine your maximum budget according to the prices of the words as well as the expressions on which you want to position yourself at cost per click. There are even systems to fight against click fraud!

In addition to having complete control over your budget, with Google Ads, you can measure the impact of your campaigns almost immediately. In fact, in less than 24 hours, you will know the impact and the first results of your campaign, such as: the number of clicks, impressions or conversions.

Google Ads is also a great way to communicate when launching new products, services or seasonal events. For example, if you are selling school supplies, most ads will run a few weeks before the start of the school year.

For reasons of competition and cost per click, the price of referencing on Google Ads via a Partner Advertising agencycan quickly increase. In fact, you may be tempted to want to deal directly with your advertising campaigns. However, this is not necessarily the best choice for your campaign to be successful.

Indeed, advertising via keywords on the Internet is an activity that should not be taken lightly. You might think that in the age of DIY tutorials, YouTube, and news on the Internet, you can do without the services of a Google ADS Certified Advertising agency. Yet, on the contrary, expert advice in the field will save you money by choosing the right ads and running relevant ads. Too often we hear customers claiming that they want to manage their campaigns themselves and complaining that they had lost their investment.

The main goal of an Advertising agency is to help you increase your turnover, so trust the certified,and knowledgeable professionals.

For their efficiency and expertise

Specialized, among other things, in the management of Ads campaigns, certified Advertising agencies have a perfect command of the Ads platform. Their agents update each other regularly, read campaign statistics and immediately determine how to optimize its effectiveness.

Of course, anyone can create a Google Ads account and launch their advertising campaign. But these steps quickly become technically complex and require knowledge and time. As for hiring insiders, it can be quite expensive.

To optimize Google Ads campaigns.

A Google Ads agency has the knowledge and the tools necessary and useful to optimize your advertising campaigns. Therefore, every euro invested will be used for a constantly better campaign. In addition, your expert performs careful monitoring is essential in order to analyze, adjust and maximize your marketing strategy! This will increase the performance of your campaigns, save money in the long run and always get a higher score.

Succes Story

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At SEMSEO, we strive to do our work correctly and honestly, with complete transparency. And as we are a SEA agency made up of Ads experts, we always ensure positive and encouraging results for our customers.