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Increase your sales because Google, Amazon, Waze or other professional quality campaigns will bring you new customers and increase your income.

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Understand how your customers decide to buy your products

Analyze if customers come through a Google ad, a review or a search?

Are they seeing your products on Instagram or on influencer profit?

Do they see your Facebook page? What do you know about them?

Have they seen your products on Youtube? Did they follow your tutorials?

Do they see you on Waze?


Example of a customer journey

Imagine a young girl wants to buy cosmetics online

She follows an Instagram account or that of an influencer

Then one day she sees a beautiful photo of lipstick

Driving on Waze, she’s gonna see the lipstick ad again

This is the same image she saw a few days ago

The next day she is on her Facebook profile

And there again she sees this same lipstick for the third time …

She goes to a cosmetics store

Again, she finds advanced information about your product.

2 days later she still sees advertising your lipstick on Instagram

This time she decides to buy it

Now you understand that the customer journey allowing you to take action to purchase is the result of a coordinated presence on all the media and social networks where your customer is located. At SEMSEO we organize this entire campaign to allow you a consistent presence with a follow-up of the origin of each customer.

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